Arthritis Patient Successfully Treated With Fat Stem Cells Tells His Story |

Arthritis Patient Successfully Treated With Fat Stem Cells Tells His Story |

6 thoughts on “Arthritis Patient Successfully Treated With Fat Stem Cells Tells His Story |

  1. I have had RA for thirty years. About six years ago I was told about something that can help with the disease. ENZYMES == ENZYMES == ENZYMES.

    The most important ones are Protease, and Digestive enzymes. I truly believe if I had taken enzymes when I first got RA, I would not be in the condiyion I am in.

    But even at this late date, they are truly helping me.

    Research enzymes, they are finding they help many health problems,

    It has been hit and miss for a while, but I finally found the best enzymes. The company is Enzyme Research Products, phone 888-635-4413.

    I can’t tell you how important enzymes are.


    1. Thanks for sharing Fran! I’ve been researching enzymes since I don’t know a lot about them. Do you take them orally in pill form? Any further information you can provide would be helpful.


  2. Thanks, Fran. So glad you are feeling better. I have dabbled with enzymes and had great success with ProBiotics for another situation, but after seeing your post i am going to incorporate them into my regimen this weekend. Glad you are feeling better. This disease is horrible. I know there’s worse, but anything to alleviate the flare ups. I was diagnosed in 2002. Have you had any experience with Enbrel or Methotrexate? I have no computer at home but wll check e-mail next Tuesday. Have a good holiday, Thanks,


    1. Hi Patti – I was diagnosed around the same time as you… I have not dabbled much with enzymes, but would love to get more information from you as to how they worked, how you took them, etc. I have had great success with biologic drugs like Enbrel and Humira. Have you tried them? They truly have changed my life.


  3. Remicade has CHANGED MY LIFE, I was in so much pain before and now I walk regularly, go to the gym (when I can get the motivation HA!). And, about two years ago I started about 90% vegetarian diet which I believe has helped also. I still eat fish and shellfish some, but no more chicken, beef, pork…..nothing that walks on the land, I read that animal meat from those animals create inflamation and I do not need another sourse of inflamation. I also have added lots more Indian curries with those wonderful spices. I’ve had RA for about 6 years and really struggled, but now am doing great most of the time.


  4. I fogot to say that I also self-inject Methotrexate weekly. I think these two drugs Methotrexate and Remicade work in conjunction with eachother. My best relief from symptoms and additional joint damage has come from using them together. I was unable to metabolize the oral Methotrexate, which is why I have to inject it.


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