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Hey friends,

I just learned about a really cool community for people like us with autoimmune diseases along with other chronic illnesses like psoriatic arthritis, ADHD, CMT, Crohn’s, Fibro, etc. It’s called Ben’s Friends. You can check out Ben’s story in the video below and visit the site to get connected with others in the same boat.


4 thoughts on “Online Support Community

  1. Hi Katie how do you deal with the pain I’m so sore I also have lupus and fibromygia I hope I spelled it right but anyway it is hard and I try and be upbeat and not let it get me down but the tired Ness wears me out and I often get depressed well anyway thank you for listening to my rant gonna close now sincerely creecie morgan p,s. I hope we. Can be friends


    1. Hi Creecie – The best advice I can give is to keep up that positive, upbeat attitude of your’s! Beyond that, I would recommend trying every form of relief you’re comfortable with and seems to make sense for your mind and body. Because no two people are alike, it’s hard to know how folks will respond to the various pain relief options out there today.

      My favorites:
      1). Tiger Balm – I should probably look into owning stock because I’ve gone through cases of this bottled Chinese remedy in a jar over the last 8+ years. If you haven’t tried it, please do! You can find it in the pain ointment aisle near the icy hot at Walgreens or CVS. It’s usually on the bottom shelf.
      2). Acupuncture – I’ve had good acupuncture and I’ve had GREAT acupuncture. There is a HUGE difference between the two. Do some research online and talk to friends in your community before selecting someone. I would advise staying away from fancy spas and selecting an Acupuncturist that practices and fully understands authentic Chinese methods.
      3). Warm baths and red wine. This might be my favorite combination!! The wine in moderation of course. Add some epsom salts to the bath and your joints will thank you. I usually rely on this method before bed and it really does make me sleep like a baby.
      4). Pain Rx. Be careful with pills. They can be powerful and addictive. And if you’re taking other medications to keep your disease under control, pain medications will add extra stress to your internal organs. I tend to avoid pain pills unless I’m in a REALLY REALLY bad place.
      5). Heating pads and paraffin wax treatments. When my hands are hurting, paraffin wax is an absolute dream. Plus it makes your skin really soft! Flexible heating pads are great for any area of your body. Depending on the pain, I will wrap that sucker around my ankle, leg, prop it under my back or hold it against my jaw.

      My list could go on and on and on, but think these are a few great starts. So sorry to hear about your pain, but I’m here for you if you need a friend 🙂


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