Sh!t Healthy People Say to Sick People

Classic! Inspired by all of the “Sh!t people say” videos going around these days.

Right on LymeeLiz. Thanks for the creativity.

5 thoughts on “Sh!t Healthy People Say to Sick People

  1. I have sharpnel in my skull and someone actually said it was all in head. I just looked at them confused and said you are right it is. 🙂


  2. OMG I LOL at this video! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Let me add a few of my own “classic” B.S. I hear.. You just need to be more positive. You need to go back to work, you’ll feel better, Why are so tired all the time?, What do you DO all day? More medications? How much is THIS going to cost? ANOTHER Dr appt,? Why do you even go to the Dr, they aren’t helping… Are they? Why don’t you feel better yet??? You need to be more positive. I really liked the weight loss comments. I have lost almost 40 pounds cause I don’t friggin feel good. Hello people when you don’t feel good you don’t eat. And when you are chronically ill.. well news flash you don’t eat.. Chronically!
    And the sh!t strangers say to me. It is amazing. What happened to your hands? Why do you walk with a cane?, Have splints on your wrists and elbows? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?? … My classic answer to all the B.S. I hear is “Oh really? YOU think so huh?


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