Help, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I CAN’T SLEEP!!!


Does anyone else with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) have trouble sleeping? The crazy thing is, it’s not the pain that keeps me up at night. At least I don’t think it is the pain, or perhaps I’m partially immune to the pain after 12 years of living with RA. Could it be side effects from my medication? Stress? Work? Life? One thing is for certain. The more I think about sleep, the less I sleep.

I’ve written about RA’s connection to sleep and fatigue before, but it’s been a while so I recently started to re-research the connection . Turns out 50% of RA patients have complained about insomnia. 50%?? That’s insanity! Not that it matters, but nobody warned me about this side effect! Add it to the list…

I’ve tried reading, watching TV, taking melatonin, general relaxing, meditation, the HeadSpace app, warm baths before bed, drinking warm milk like a baby… Heck, I’ve even tried Lunesta which actually works, but I’m afraid of getting addicted or sleepwalking.

So I’m reaching out to my spoonie friends for help. What sleep remedy works best for you? I’m willing to try just about anything.


6 thoughts on “Help, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I CAN’T SLEEP!!!

  1. Hi, KStew! I do have problems sleeping too – sometimes I just can’t find a comfortable position for all of the aching body parts (ugh!). It can be soooo difficult to stay active, but I do think I sleep better on nights when I’ve worked out that day. And please don’t think I’m nuts, but I started using a lavender essential oil at night. Just a a couple drops in my hands, rub to create some friction and then I take a few deep inhales and breathe it in deeply. I also run my hands over my sheets so the pretty lavender scent is there to. I hope you find something that works for you, chickie!


  2. I’m 38 and had RA for 21 years. Try taking your meds at a different of day and I swear by fresh air, sunshine and a stroll. It’s not 100% and doesn’t stop brokennights caused by pain and stiffness but it does help with the tossing and turning and getting to sleep.


  3. Not being able to sleep could be a mixture of all of those things. I have always struggled with sleeping, I either have racing thoughts or searing pain that will keep me up. The two things that I have found that help me the most is Melatonin and essential oils. I use Young living Essential Oils and for sleep I used Ceaderwood and Lavender, and then if I am in pain I will use Panaway on my affected joints. It has taken me 10 years to find this remedy but I have finally found it! I hope this helps you in some way, best of luck!


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