I’m proud to be an Accessible Yoga Ambassador

Hey y’all! I’m proud to announce that I recently became an Accessible Yoga Ambassador and am looking forward to making yoga accessible to all underserved communities throughout Los Angeles’s South Bay area via my company, South Bay Yoga Therapy.

South Bay Yoga Therapy specializes in yoga modifications for those with limited mobility, injuries and chronic pain in individual or group settings. Offering chair yoga, relaxation and meditation techniques, our commitment is to focus on the every kind of body and mind.

Contact us today for more information:

  • Website: southbayyoga.org
  • Email: katie@southbayyoga.org


Accessible Yoga Meme



3 thoughts on “I’m proud to be an Accessible Yoga Ambassador

  1. Hi, Katie! I live nowhere near you and struggle with severe RA. I used to love doing yoga and pilates until it became too much for my wrists to withstand. Can you suggest a DVD that might be helpful? I bought one that was supposed to be modified for people like me, but nope…five minutes into it and my wrists were breaking. Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Amy! My apologies for the delay and sorry to hear about your pain. I would recommend streaming some videos online because I can’t find any DVDs worth purchasing off hand. That said, typing keywords such as “accessible yoga”, “yoga for arthritis” and “restorative yoga” into YouTube should help you find a few great options. Also, have you tried Bikram? Keep me posted and good luck! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kwcBaiKFqk


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