Weather and Arthritis

I've written about the correlation between weather and arthritis in a few of my past posts, but felt the need to bring it up again since we've had record breaking weather conditions in Chicago and I'm feeling really crappy today. After two weeks of 70+ degree weather in Chicago this March (and feeling just freaking fantastic), it's barely reaching 50 … Continue reading Weather and Arthritis

Metal Allergies and Rheumatoid Arthritis

I'm sick and tired. I'm tired of simply "dealing" with the pain caused by my RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis). Since my diagnoses at 23 years old, I've probably tried 30 different combinations of Rx's. Some have made me nauseous while others have made me feel great. It's strange to say that I've taken chemotherapy medication, but … Continue reading Metal Allergies and Rheumatoid Arthritis

My Least Favorite Part of RA.The Needle.

Although biologic drugs have been the most incredible blessing in my life since I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) because I'm able to move around now so more than ever, I still cringe every other week when it's time to stick a needle in my body. And when I say I still cringe, I … Continue reading My Least Favorite Part of RA.The Needle.

Romantic Relationships and Rheumatoid Arthritis Can Mix

American media is famous for flaunting pictures of skinny, well-groomed models in high heels as something or someone young women should aspire to look like. When you’re a sick girl, it’s tough to feel sexy in those ways. It’s hard enough to make it to the gym sometimes let alone button your blouse, blow dry … Continue reading Romantic Relationships and Rheumatoid Arthritis Can Mix

Arthritis Weather Index

As most of you Rheumies know, a slight change in weather can lead to some of the nastiest flare ups. While my Rheumatologist swears up and down that there is no tie between RA and rainy or cold weather, I simply beg to differ. My hips can usually predict when storms are a brewing. If you weren’t granted this unwanted weather girl (or boy) gift, check out the Arthritis Weather Index. It is a cool site that can help determine what your joints can expect based on barometric pressure and temperature changes in your local area.