Rheumatoid Arthritis Health Test from CNN.com

1.3 Million Americans have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I’m a firm believer that how you cope with your Arthritis can actually control some of the physical and mental impairments this disease can trigger. CNN.com just posted a test today that you can take to find out how you are fairing with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Take this quick, simple test to:

  • Find out if RA is causing your swelling, stiffness or joint pain
  • Evaluate your RA treatment, if you’re already diagnosed
  • Get a personalized action plan including treatment and coping tips

Along with your test results, you will obtain a personalized report with tips for future physician visits, exercise, therapy recommendations, diet advice and other helpful hints.

Regardless of your results, my advice for all of you is to “STAY POSITIVE AND KEEP MOVING!”. If you let this disease get you down, it can run your life. Don’t let your Arthritis control you. Instead, take the bull (or in this instance, the arthritis) by the horns so that YOU can be the one in control.


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