Lots of Changes, but I still have RA

I just realized it had been almost a year since I’ve sat down to write a post. A year? Seriously? Where does time go?

Since my last post, I moved to Austin, Texas. It’s almost as weird to type right now as it is to recite my new address over the phone to the mail-in pharmacy. I often forget my 312 area code was replaced by 512.  Although I love Austin to pieces, sometimes I still want to shout, I’m from Chicago!… But I suppose that’s becoming old news as I’m soon to embark upon the 6-month anniversary of my relocation to Texas. And since there are something like 150 people moving to Austin each day, I’m officially a local by now.

New job, new dates, new address, new puppy, new cowboy boots and a fresh new perspective on life…. But with all of those changes, one thing remains constant, I still have RA. On the bright side, I escaped the worst winter Chicago’s most recent history. And along with that, I saved myself from a lot of extra pain and stiffness that for me comes hand in hand with cold, brutal weather.

I will soon be testing Actemra, a newish RA injectable. Have you or anyone you know tried this medication? Would love to hear about your experience with this drug because after all, sharing is caring.

Be well my friends.


4 thoughts on “Lots of Changes, but I still have RA

  1. Hi!
    Glad to see you’re writing. Also glad you escaped the Chicago winter! Pittsburgh was no picnic 😉
    Interested to hear how this newish drug works for you.
    Keep posting – please 🙂


    1. Thanks for the support, Jackie! And yes, I hear Pittsburgh had an epic winter as well. 😦 Will definitely keep y’all posted once I begin my Actemra treatments.


  2. Hi Katie! Very nice to hear from you now 🙂
    I started ACTEMRA in Jan 2013, it actually took 6-7 months to get a kick start, but I acheived full remission with this med !!! Yes!!!
    In the beginning I had mild adverse reactions (mainly severe headaches after 30 min of infusion, nauseas…) which were well controlled with Benadryl along with Tylenol, taken 1 hour pre-infusion. Therefore, it may be important that you get company to drive you back home from your infusion site – the first few months, I would fall asleep sitting in the car (just never happened to me at all before) after it. Then once back home, I would sleep for 3-4 hours in a row (lovely and welcome change from waking up every other hour from pain).
    Apart from that, I became sensitive to insect bites last summer, after taking Actemra (had to have intraveneous antibiotics 3x last summer). I took Humira, Enbrel, Orencia as biologics before and never had adverse reactions. But it is a low price to pay for the daily energy, very low levels of pain etc I have since I started Actemra. And absolutely no other “casualties” to declare – not even a cold during this last never-ending canadian winter.
    I wish you the best of lucks with it – in the meantime, keep us posted on your progress, will you?


    1. Wow, you just totally put me to ease, Martine. Thank you!!! So great to hear that you’ve had a positive experience. I’m actually starting the self injectable ACTEMRA on Wednesday so it’ll be interesting to see what the differences are between self administering and infusions… But your post showed me that I should take the shot after work if I’m potentially going to be super sleepy afterwards. I normally take my shot in the morning so appreciate the advice. I’ll definitely keep you posted on my progress if you will do the same? Have a great weekend! xo


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