The things that make me go ouch

I recently started thinking about some of the factors that contribute to my Rheumatoid Arthritis flares so wanted to share a list.

  1. Weather – Growing up in Chicago and then moving to warmer climates, I’ve learned that cold weather is not my friend.
  2. Mornings – A hot shower really does wonders and helps combat morning stiffness.
  3. Missing my medication because my pharmacy never seems to be able to connect w/ my doctor. Not to mention, it took a few weeks to get insurance approval for my medication at the beginning of the year due to an Enbrel price increase. All while I was 5 months pregnant and in the middle of a cross country move. Yeah, that sucked!
  4. STRESS – This is a huge contributor to pain. I’m talking two parallel lines on a non existent bar chart.
  5. My period – My joints always get extra achy at that time of the month.
  6. Overdoing it – When I decide I want to clean the house top to bottom, there is typically a price to pay.
  7. Lack of sleep – This one’s really not fair considering RA keeps me up at night and then the fatigue just continues in a vicious cycle. Benadryl IS my friend.
  8. The flu – Getting sick when you have RA is the worst because, #autoimmune
  9. Eating a bunch of crap food – I have a love affair with chocolate peanut butter ice cream, bagels, chips & dip and lately, Oreos – Halloween stuffed for her pleasure. Moderation is key.
  10. Super intense workouts – I learned the hard way that cross fit is not for everyone. Yoga, pilates, walking & light runs are more my speed.

What am I missing? What leads to your most intense flares?


5 thoughts on “The things that make me go ouch

  1. Dear Katie, Which of the aforementioned is the biggest contributor to your “Ouch Factor”? I’m guessing stress?

    M from The Desert

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  2. Do you have some posts about what makes you feel good despite RA? My friend has just been diagnosed and she feels desperate. Maybe, positive examples could help her.
    Than you for sharing your experience!


    1. Hi Richard!! Staying positive it’s what it’s all about! What you’ve said and what your friend is going through has inspired me to write a new piece about the power of positivity. Please tell her to keep hope alive!


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