Calling all chronic mamas to share their stories via

At the end of the day, moms have a lot to juggle between their children, husbands, careers, diet & exercise, fashion, cooking, cleaning, self love, etc. When you throw a chronic illness into that already hectic mom lifestyle, things can get extra cray-cray!! Let's use this as a platform to share, learn, vent and most importantly, support our fellow chronic mamas!


Thanks for the Inspiration Jenni

The Chronic Babe site is designed to give women living with chronic diseases (like Rheumatoid Arthritis) a place to connect via laughter, shared medical tips, career successes, embarrassing stories, boy gossip and more. Ultimately, Chronic Babe provides readers with an escape to a fun place where girls living with illnesses are not alone. And it does all of this while making these women feel sexy and proud.