Unbroken – A Poem by Karen Burch

I just came across this poem on RA Warrior's facebook page and had to share. It is beautiful and describes RA and many other diseases in a way that I have never been able to. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. "Unbroken" I bend but I do not break. I crack but I … Continue reading Unbroken – A Poem by Karen Burch


I’m Co-authoring a Book… Please send me some extra Spoons

As some of you know, I've sat on the Arthritis Foundation Leadership Council Board here in Chicago for a few years now. In that time, I've met a lot of really wonderful people who share a common passion... To spread awareness of and eventually find a cure for Arthritis; in all of its nasty forms. Speaking of … Continue reading I’m Co-authoring a Book… Please send me some extra Spoons

Hiding Behind Blue Green Eyes

It's hard for people who know me to believe I'm chronically ill. Yep, I said it... I'm chronically ill. I live everyo one of my days with a disease and I will continue doing so every day for the rest of my life, unless by some miracle, a cure is found. Just like normal people; I go to work, I learn new things, I cook, I clean, I go to the gym and I spend time with my loved ones. If I must say so myself... I do a damn good job hiding who I really am. I am a sick girl.