Unbroken – A Poem by Karen Burch

I just came across this poem on RA Warrior’s facebook page and had to share. It is beautiful and describes RA and many other diseases in a way that I have never been able to. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


I bend but I do not break.

I crack but I am not in pieces.

I may be bruised but I am not damaged.

I am shaken but I am not shattered.

I can be wounded but I cannot be destroyed.

I can be hurt, but I will heal.

I may cry tears but tears will not dissolve me.

I can stumble but I will rise.

I may sit down in acceptance but I will stand up in action.

I can be hurt but I will heal.

I may be… very discouraged but I will become very determined.

I am not broken.

I’ve been bent, but life has bent me.

I am bending, but I am choosing to bend.

As I am bending, I am strengthening and mending.

I am still alive and standing.

Death is final, but life is everything that has bent me but does not break me.

by Karen Burch ~ Hold My Hand ~


4 thoughts on “Unbroken – A Poem by Karen Burch

  1. What an awesome poem. There are some days I get so discouraged because of my RA and other diseases but this poem really encouraged me. Thank you for writing it.


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