Juvenile Arthritis: Kids get Arthritis too

If I randomly said the word “arthritis” to someone, they would most likely conjure up an image of a grandparent complaining about achy joints. I for one used to always think of grandma Petrillo from the Golden Girls and that awful, menthol, medicinal scent of  joint creams like icy hot. 

Most people don’t hear the word “arthritis” and think of a twenty something person like myself. Or worse yet, a small child. Did you know that there are approximately 300,000 kids in the US who have been diagnosed with some form of arthritis? In fact, there are lots of these kids who spend most of their childhood in and out of hospitals. Many of them occupy their summers healing from joint replacement surgery and spend what would be there after school playtime getting medical infusions at their doctor’s office.

There is no cure for arthritis just as there is no sound theory as to why people get the many forms of arthritis. Some evidence indicates that getting arthritis may be linked to hereditary causes while some research points to environmental factors. 

Wonderful organizations like the Arthritis National Research Foundation are working towards completely eliminating arthritis someday. The Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF) actually funds scientists to cure arthritis by discovering the causes of arthritis and its related diseases including osteoarthritis, juvenile arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and other autoimmune diseases. In addition to funding scientific programs, this organization also runs community focused programs that help generate awareness for all of the different forms of arthritis like the ones that affect kids.

View the video below to meet a little girl named Bailey who is the ANRF’s hero. Children like Bailey give me the inspiration to keep writing and sharing the stories of everyone affected by arthritis.

God bless children like Bailey. Words cannot describe how much my heart goes out to this little girl and her family.


7 thoughts on “Juvenile Arthritis: Kids get Arthritis too

  1. My prayers go out to Bailey as I similarly walked through her shoes since age 5. Now 27, I still pray that God gift all the JRA sufferers like Bailey that cure we hope for.


    1. Hi Angela, thanks for reaching out. I hope you’re able to find some relief from your RA these days. I was lucky enough to be diagnosed after finishing college so I can only imagine what a tough fight you’ve fought already and you’re only 27. You’re a strong woman!! All the best.


  2. hi my name is faith i just wanted to say my heart and prayers go out to bailey and her family . i pray for all the children and adults that have this disease and hope that find a cure. my heart goes out to everyone.


    1. Ditto, I completely agree Faith. let’s keep Bailey, her family and all of the children experiencing situations similar to Bailey’s in our thoughts and prayers.


  3. This is Bailey’s Mom & I just wanted to say Thank You – to you all for spreading awareness & your Kind words! They are a comfort! Thank you.


    1. Dear Kim – Thank you so much for writing! I was able to meet with Derek from the ANRF a few weeks ago. Bailey’s story really touched me so I wanted to share her video with my readers. God bless you and your family. All the best to you guys.


      1. You are SO welcome! The only way we are going to OPEN the WORLD’S EYES to JA – Is like this – 1 person at a time! So, keep up the great Blogs! Eventually someone Famous WILL see these & Take On JA as their Charity! Thank God the ANRF has ! Here is Baileys Blog to all who does not have it: (we have updated a little & will again soon!) http://www.thewarrens-baileysmama.blogspot.com
        Also more on Facebook: Kim Jenkins Warren


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